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Why adjust the full spine?

Although we at Fairchild Family Chiropractic believe maintaining proper alignment of the upper neck is critical, we also acknowledge there is more to the body than just this area. Often times, it is pain or other issues elsewhere in the body that motivates a patient to seek care.

We feel that it is just as important to address these other regions of the spine in short term care as it is to educate patients on the benefits of upper cervical adjusting for long term health. Relieving these issues allows the patients to start living their lives how they did before experiencing the pain or other symptoms.

It is at this point we strive to transition patients to maintenance care plans that allow us to work towards preventing the issues from coming back. The best way to think about it, is full spine care is geared towards quickly getting relief while upper cervical care is aiming to maintain an overall healthier lifestyle.

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