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Dr. AJ Fairchild, DC

I grew up right here in Defiance, and I am proud to call Tinora High School my alma mater. I certainly didn't always know my path through life as many don't, but once I found chiropractic, I knew I had found my passion. Chiropractic allows me to have a huge impact in people's lives by correcting their spine and letting their bodies function correctly.

While I was at Palmer, I focused a lot on learning how to take care of the neck. Everything from here down is controlled by nerves and the spinal cord that pass through the neck first. I quickly learned that addressing this area has a big impact on the whole body and can even help other adjustments work better.



Palmer College of Chiropractic


University of Toledo


Tinora High School

My time at Palmer started in the spring of 2018 aiming to earn my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. I quickly joined the professional chiropractic fraternity Delta Sigma Chi, that allowed me to become the doctor I am today. After years of training with some of the greatest mentors in the profession, I earned my degree and have returned to serve my hometown.

Starting my education at Toledo as a biology major, it took me some time to find that my true passion was taking care of people. I graduated in 2017 with a bachelors degree in exercise science with focus on healthcare.

I was born and raised right here in Defiance and I was a Tinora Ram my whole childhood. My time at Tinora consisted of making memories playing football and baseball. I am glad to now be serving the community I had been a part of for so long.

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