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Dr. Kayla Fairchild, DC

I am originally from Northeast Ohio, where I lived for 18 years. All throughout my childhood I was involved with dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading, as well as coaching gymnastics for 6 years. After high school I went to the University of Mount Union, earning my bachelor’s degree of Exercise Science in 2018.  During my summer breaks, I worked as a chiropractic assistant at my local chiropractor’s office which is where I first learned about chiropractic. 

After four summers of working as an assistant, I decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. At Palmer I learned many ways to treat the spine for people of all ages. All though everyone can benefit from chiropractic, I have taken a passion in treating pregnant women and children. 




Palmer College of Chiropractic


University of Mount Union


Edgewood High


My time at Palmer started in October of 2018. During this journey I met lots of people and great doctors. One group of people who have made me into a better doctor was the Delta Sigma Chi Alpha chapter, who not only helped my adjusting skills but also my professional skills as well. During my time at Palmer, I enjoyed studying the Blair technique; becoming the president of the club for 2 terms. I have a passion for caring for patients of all ages but have a love for treating kids and pre-natal/postpartum mothers. 

While attending Mount Union for my bachelor's degree I started out majoring in athletic training and then switched to Exercise Science. This gave me lots of anatomy classes and hands-on labs to take up my time. Entering my senior year, I ran a semester-long, after-school program at the local YMCA two days a week, which is where I fell in love with caring for kids. During my summer vacations, I worked at a chiropractor's office as their C.A and found my passion for treating patients of all ages. 

I attended Edgewood High School where I cheered for the varsity football team all four years as well as the basketball team my senior year. During high school I coached gymnastics for ages 2-18 years old while also tumbling and competitively cheering. 

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